Dr. Nancy Coogan - Award-Winning Educational Administrator

Dr. Nancy Coogan

Educational administrator Dr. Nancy Coogan has worked with students and schools in the state of Washington since 1995. Most recently, she served as the superintendant of Tukwila School District. Over the course of her career, she has received several awards and honors, including the Washington Association of School Administrators Award as well as recognition from City University and the Rachel Royston Scholarship, which honors women working in education. Furthermore, Dr. Nancy Coogan was asked to join the Harvard Institute for Family Engagement in Education and, in addition, has developed and implemented race and equity policies for Washington school systems that were subsequently adopted across the country.

Dr. Nancy Coogan has published work on a number of related subjects in outlets such as Teachers of Color magazine and by the Partnership for Action, Collaboration, and Transformation of the Department of Education at the Institute for Education Sciences in Washington, D.C. Furthermore, she has presented work at conferences of the American Education Research Association and other professional gatherings. Dr. Coogan holds a doctor of education from Washington State University.